Control Cleaning Product Strength

Choosing the strength of your cleaning products shouldn't mean buying a different product for each strength. Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions offers fully-concentrated cleaning products so the power to choose remains in your hands!

Reduce Cleaning Costs

By using our fully-concentrated cleaning products, you will save up to 80% per year on your yearly cleaning costs, giving you more resources to invest in the more pressing matters.

Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Replaces shelves of cleaning products with just 1 solution! By reducing the amount of products you and your team are using, cleaning takes significantly less time.

Over 6600 Patrons of Eco-Efficient Living

Across North America.

Be the Hero You’ve Always Wanted to Be.

Whether you want to shrink your cleaning costs, reduce the number of products you use, or minimize time spent cleaning, Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions will keep you in control.

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Only earth’s mightiest heroes have access to problem-solvers.

Consider yourself one of them.

Our Most Popular Product

Citrus Man Citrus Degreaser


1 gallon of our Citrus Degreaser can make up to 20 gallons of product.

Safe Formula

This citrus degreaser contains d-limonene, commonly known as Mother Nature's Solvent. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. Safer for you, your equipment, and the environment!

All-In-One Powerhouse

We've rigorously tested our Citrus Degreaser on over 150 different surfaces! With this ultra-versatile Citrus Degreaser, you can replaces entire shelves of cleaning products.

Citrus Degreaser Pricing

1 Case of Citrus Degreaser
1 Case of Citrus Degreaser (4 x 4L jugs)
$ 274.99 1 case (4 gal.)
Most Popular
2 + 1 Case Special
$ 549.99 3 cases (12 gal.)
3 + 2 Case Special
$ 824.99 5 cases (20 gal.)

How to Purchase Citrus Man Products

1. Fill out the contact form

Fill out the contact form with some of your basic information, and one of our Chemical Specialists will give you a call. You can also call us directly to speak to a Chemical Specialist.

2. Speak to a Chemical Specialist

Your Chemical Specialist will ask you a few basic questions to identify your needs. Then, he or she will offer the best solution for your business, and will send an estimate to your email.

3. Approve your estimate

Once the estimate is reviewed and approved, you can now place your order! Notify your Chemical Specialist either via email or phone. Your Chemical Specialist will process your payment over the phone on our encrypted payment terminal, and will ship your new product within 24 hours. All local orders are hand-delivered on the same day.