Control Cleaning Product Strength

Choosing the strength of your cleaning products shouldn’t mean buying a different product for each strength. Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions offers fully-concentrated cleaning products so the power to choose remains in your hands!

Reduce Cleaning Costs

By using our fully-concentrated cleaning products, you will save up to 80% per year on your yearly cleaning costs, giving you more resources to invest in the more pressing matters.

Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Replace shelves of cleaning products with just 1 solution! By reducing the amount of products you and your team are using, cleaning takes significantly less time and costs a fraction of the money.

How Does Citrus Man™ Degreaser Work?

Most Popular Product

Citrus Degreaser

Superior Strength

Citrus Man Citrus Degreaser is 100% concentrated. We don’t water down our products because we believe in keeping you in control. Citrus Man Citrus Degreaser can be diluted up to 120x. A little goes a very long way!

Mother-Nature's Solvent

Citrus Man Citrus Degreaser is completely bio-degradable, non-toxic, and is derived from citrus peels. Our cutting-edge formulation allows you to harness the power of Nature to conquer anything dirty!

All-In-One Powerhouse

Citrus Man Citrus Degreaser can be used on over 150 different surfaces. No mess is safe from Citrus Man’s might!


Average Savings

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Most cleaning products are pre-diluted, even if they’re marketed as “concentrates.” By continuing to use these products, you’re giving up control to the manufacturers of these products, and you’re ultimately pouring money down the drain. Joining Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions will protect you from paying for watered-down, borderline ineffective cleaning products.


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P.E.E.L stands for Patrons of Eco-Efficient Living… and that’s exactly what every one of our customers are. They’ve made the commitment to increasing their efficiency and decreasing their impact on the environment.

As a Member of P.E.E.L, you get exclusive access to our network of Chemical Specialists, who help you conquer your cleaning challenges. Are you ready to become a Member of P.E.E.L?


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Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions has a team of Chemical Specialists across Canada and the United States. A Chemical Specialist’s duty is to consult with individual businesses to help them create the perfect cleaning solution for their operations.

Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions supports businesses across North America with tailor-made cleaning solutions, ongoing digital resources, and live access to a Chemical Specialist. We will help you maximize your cleaning efficiency, reduce your yearly costs, and be in more control of your company as a whole.