Heavy Duty All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Citrus Man saves the day in a more compact and convenient size! This product is eco-friendly and contains no harsh chemicals, acids, phosphates, solvents, or silicones. Versatile, concentrated, and citrus-based, this little bottle packs enough punch to make up to 60L of all-purpose cleaner. Just mix, spray, and wipe your worries away!


Citrus Degreaser

This is not your average commercial and industrial cleaner! We use only all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals that could harm you or the environment. Simply put, you will remove “dirty” from your dictionary with this versatile and fully concentrated Citrus Man Degreaser. Mix it strong or mix it light, Citrus Man cleans with all his might!

Lemon Dream Disinfectant

Lemon Dream Disinfectant is a concentrated cleaner, virucide, fungicide, bactericide and deodorizer. Use the power of Citrus Man to annihilate any harmful germs that stand before you! Achieve total peace of mind with this lemon-scented, medical-grade disinfectant.
Tested and proven to kill Sars-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19)

Concrete Remover

Citrus Man Concrete Remover does the work for you! Tired of using immense amounts of elbow grease to clean your equipment? Look no further. Citrus Man Concrete Remover is a fast-acting, foaming concrete remover that works on concrete, brick and mortar, scale and rust, glazed tile, machinery, and more!
Save time, money, and energy with Citrus Man Concrete Remover.

Rig Wash

This ground-breaking formula is made specially for vehicle and machinery exteriors. Bio-degradable and non-flammable, this Rig Wash is highly effective on bugs, grime, brake dust, sap, vehicles, dirty machinery, and more! With Citrus Man Rig Wash, you can rest assured that your surfaces will shine! Spray it on and watch the grime vanish!

Non-Etching Aluminum Brightener

Gone are the days of pitting and expensive mistakes! Citrus Man Non-Etching Aluminum Brightener is distinctively made with the business owner in mind. This aluminum brightener does not cause any etching – which means it does not cause you any headaches! WARNING: You may need to wear sunglasses because your metals will be BRILLIANT after you’re done with them!

Citrus Tar Remover

Tar begone! Citrus Man Tar Remover literally melts tar away. This is usually used as a pre-spray on tough to clean spots during your regular cleaning regimen. This non-corrosive tar remover cleans tar, oil, sap, adhesives, debris, fuel stains, and much more! It completely dissolves the unsightly mess without harming the surface. Citrus Man Tar Remover works hard so you don’t have to!

Concrete Remover

Looking for a more natural alternative to concrete remover? Citrus Man Organic Concrete Remover contains acids that are derived from sugar canes and lemons. It is environmentally friendly, and not so friendly to concrete. With far less risk to the user and the environment, Citrus Man Organic Concrete Remover is the perfect solution for the health and eco conscious!

Release Agent

Asphalt on equipment costs massive amounts of time and money. You don’t want your team to waste time cleaning asphalt off their equipment! Citrus Man Asphalt Release Agent is environmentally friendly and prevents asphalt from adhering to any surface! Eco-friendly, water based, and easy to use, this asphalt release agent slides the asphalt right off.