Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions was originally founded in 2014 by Colin George – under the brand name: CDN Citrus Clean. Since the beginning, Colin has been laser-focused on helping business owners and making their lives easier.

One of the biggest issues for every business owner is finding the right cleaning solutions for his or her business. With an endless array of choices, it’s overwhelming for a lot of people. Colin started with one product: his uniquely formulated Citrus Degreaser (which is still our most popular product to this day). With this wonderous product, Colin set out across Canada to get it in the hands every single person. Right from the beginning, people LOVED it. The reason? Colin didn’t set out to sell people your average degreaser. He was there to solve people’s problems. To relieve people of their daily struggle and headaches. To give people faith and peace of mind.

After running multiple successful companies, appearing with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, and utilizing his 10+ years of sales expertise to expand to over 5000 companies across Canada, Colin decided to change our brand from CDN Citrus Clean to Citrus Man Premium Cleaning Solutions. Why? To better represent the reason he started in the first place; to better represent the hero that lies within each and every human being, and to better represent his mission to unleash the inner hero in everyone. Just because we changed our brand, that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our core values. We still operate off of the same values that Colin represents: dedication, faith, persistence, discipline, and servitude.









Let’s face it. The world is a dirty place. We all want to protect the environment by using more green cleaning products. But we also know that most of these green cleaning products come with a trade-off: way larger costs. With a deadly pandemic ravaging the entire world, budgeting has become more important now than ever. Our goal is to help rebuild the Canada – and the only way we’re going to rebuild the Canadian economy together is by supporting and defending our fellow Canadians.

Our mission is to provide you with the most affordable premium cleaning solutions available on the market today. We do not stand for sacrificing quality for price, and neither should you. We only use the finest quality ingredients for the finest people in the world. Yes, I’m talking about Canadians.

We never cut corners for your safety and take cleanliness very seriously. As the old saying goes: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” We’re here to help you tap into your inner god.

By choosing our company, you are doing something far beyond cleaning your environment. You’re helping maintain jobs across Canada. You’re helping Mother Nature by opting for more natural solutions. You are maintaining employee and family health by using safer products. You’re quite literally performing one of the most heroic deeds by simply choosing Citrus Man.

Contact one of our solution specialists today, and take a leap of faith with us.