Authorized Dealer Program™

Step into the future of product distribution

Elevate Your Distribution Business With Our Vendor Services

As a bulk supplier, we go above and beyond to support our distributors and Authorized Dealers in selling Citrus Man® products.

Multi-Channel Sales Teams

Dedicated B2B & Phone Sales teams to help you generate traffic and sales, from existing and new customers.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation services to keep your pipeline full and your stock flowing.

Marketing & Recruitment

Marketing and Recruitment campaigns to retain customers and bring new sales reps through your doors.

Data & Analytics Tools

Comprehensive data and analytics to keep you informed and help you optimize your strategy.

Plus many more unique services…

Rebates, Marketing Budgets, & More


Sell Your Inventory Faster Without The Hassle

We want you to focus on your sales. Let us take care of the backend work.

Save Time & Money With Tools & Services That Feel Like Actual Magic

Our full suite of tools and services will support you 24/7 and bring you magical results.

Your New Distribution


How does your 4-Tier Reward Program work?

Our 4-Tier Reward Program is how we say thank you to our best performing distributors and Authorized Dealers. To learn more details, click Apply Now!

What are your lead times?

We have lightning-fast lead times thanks to our partnerships across Canada and The United States. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered when you place a bulk order.

What margins do your products offer?

The margins we provide for our distributors and Authorized Dealers help us remain competitive in the market. Pricing depends on order volume. Click Apply Now, and we will get back to you with wholesale pricing.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for wholesale orders is 1 pallet. Most of our distributors order significantly more at once.

Do you provide discount schedules?

Absolutely! We provide a full breakdown of possible discounts that our distributors can apply to the Citrus Man® products they sell.